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Article 1: Offer and guarantees

Article 2: Price

Article 3: Access to the service www.shop.fashion-new-york.com

Article 4: Order

Article 5: payment

Article 6: delivery

Article 7: Right of withdrawal

Article 8: Termination clause

Article 9: Intellectual property

Article 10: Liability

Article 11: Modification of the general conditions

Article 12: Settlement of disputes

ARTICLE 1: Offer and guarantee

Our product offers and delivery terms are valid while stocks last.

The photographs and texts reproduced and illustrating the products presented are not contractual. shop.fashion-new-york.com guarantees the quality of the products, as well as their essential characteristics. On the other hand, it is not responsible for the minimal difference which could exist between the photograph of the product intended to increase the information of its customers and the real aspect of this one.

Any order implies acceptance of the prices and descriptions of the products available for sale. Any dispute on this point will occur within the framework of a possible exchange and the guarantees mentioned below.

Legal guarantee of conformity:

All items are subject to the legal guarantee of conformity (Art L.211-1 et seq. Of the Consumer Code).

Article L211-4 of the Consumer Code

The seller is required to deliver goods in conformity with the contract and is liable for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery. It also responds to any lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, assembly or installation instructions when this has been charged to it by the contract or has been carried out under its responsibility.

Article L211-5 of the Consumer Code

To comply with the contract, the good must:

1 ° Be suitable for the use usually expected of a similar good and, where applicable:

- correspond to the description given by the seller and have the qualities that the latter presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or model;

- present the qualities that a buyer can legitimately expect given the public statements made by the seller, the producer or his representative, in particular in advertising or labeling;

2 ° Or have the characteristics defined by mutual agreement between the parties or be suitable for any special use sought by the buyer, brought to the attention of the seller and which the latter has accepted.


Prices are quoted in euros all taxes included. They take into account the French VAT in force and any reductions applicable on the day of the order. Any change in VAT rate could have a direct impact on our prices. However, a price cannot be changed once your order has been confirmed. These prices are exclusive of delivery costs.

Keep your invoice, it will be used in the event of an exchange or refund.

ARTICLE 3: ACCESS TO THE SERVICE SHOP www.fashion-new-york.com

The customer has the website www.fashion-new-york.com to access the service.

The customer chooses an identifier from his first order, this identifier must be used for each order. The customer agrees to take care of this identifier and never to entrust it, except to persons for whom he vouches. He must immediately report in writing any loss in order to release his liability.

Each person can only have one identifier which is always linked to a specific address. On the other hand, shop.fashion-new-york.com can issue another identifier for another address.

Protection for minors:

shop.fashion-new-york.com reminds that minors do not have the capacity to contract.

The collection of data from them must be informed by parental authority and inform the latter that their storage and / or transmission to third parties are subject to their prior agreement.

shop. fashion-new-york.com is committed to ensuring that prospecting messages comply with the concerns of their age and do not disseminate content likely to offend their sensitivity or generate attitudes of violence.


The prices, volumes and quantities offered for sale are those displayed on the customer's screen when he places an order. For technical reasons, the amount of each order placed online must be between 0.50 € minimum and 10,000 € maximum.

As soon as the customer has registered and validated his order, he is considered to have accepted, knowingly and without reservation, the prices, volumes and quantities offered for sale.

As soon as the order is validated, it will be sent to our logistics services for processing. The customer will receive a first automatic e-mail acknowledging receipt within the hour.

For its part, shop.fashion-new-york.com reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom it has a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order.

The customer will keep the number of his order that has been indicated to him. The minimal variations in the representation of the articles resulting from the variations of the offer of the producers do not engage the responsibility of shop.fashion-new-york.com and do not affect the validity of the sale.

shop.fashion-new-york.com undertakes to notify the customer by e-mail in the event of unavailability of the product ordered.


Ownership of the goods and the associated risks are transferred to the customer upon taking possession of them.

The goods are payable in cash. Payment is always due when ordering by credit card or PayPal. The customer must indicate his card number, the expiration date and the security code (the last 3 numbers written on the back of the card).

The customer expressly acknowledges that the communication of his card number to shop.fashion-new-york.com constitutes authorization to debit his account for the amount of the products delivered. The data relating to the bank cards communicated during the orders are used only for the purposes of carrying out the transaction.

For the sake of customer protection, shop.fashion-new-york.com asks each customer to agree to always sign by himself or the person receiving the packages, the copy of the delivery slip of the deliverer .

Our site is the subject of a security system. Our banking transactions are secure.


shop.fashion-new-york.com delivers the products under the conditions and deadlines specified on the site, according to the customer's area of residence.

The maximum delivery time is set at 45 days. If this deadline is not respected, the customer may cancel his purchase and be reimbursed for the full amount paid.

Certain events beyond the control of shop.fashion-new-york.com which would tend to delay or prevent and make exorbitant the execution of the order or the delivery, constitute, by express agreement, a cause of suspension or of extinction of shop obligations. fashion-new-york.com, at its option, and without compensation for the benefit of the customer if the event in question lasts beyond 10 days, provided that the customer does not decide to renounce his order in the meantime.

Are considered as events releasing the seller from his obligation to deliver, force majeure, war, riot, fire, strikes, accidents, the impossibility of being supplied and the application of labor law. such as in particular the right of alert and withdrawal, the obligation of safety weighing on the employer and any other event making impossible the execution of the order.

In the event that a delay in delivery occurs, the customer can request either the cancellation of his order or a second delivery on the day of his choice.

It is the customer's responsibility to provide exactly all the details necessary for the proper routing of his delivery. The customer agrees to be present at his home to receive the delivery on the agreed day or to go within 15 days to the post office indicated on the calling card, as well as to sign the delivery slip presented by the delivery person, on whom he can include all the information concerning the delivery and which may be useful for improving the service. The signature of the delivery slip implies the acknowledgment of the customer of the good reception of the number of packages. The amount of the service charge is indicated on the website www.fashion-new-york.com.

Delivery takes place by handing over the packages containing the goods ordered.

Whatever the delivery method, the post office undertakes to deliver any order within 72 hours (in working days).

The customer has a period of twenty-four hours to make any complaints as to the conformity of the contents of the packages with the order.

ARTICLE 7: Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the provisions of article L.121-20 of the Consumer Code, the customer has a withdrawal period of 14 clear days from the date of delivery to exercise the right of return and cancellation of his order.

The date of the delivery receipt constitutes the starting date of this period. This right of return and cancellation may relate to all or part of the order.

The customer simply has to return the items for which he exercises his right of withdrawal, in their original condition, imperatively bearing the original labels and accompanied by the original packaging and the invoice to the following address "FASHION NEW YORK - 38 rue D'Hauteville - 75010 - Paris ”.

For any return of product purchased on shop.fashion-new-york.com, please fill out the return form which you can print and attach it to the articles in their original packaging.

Download the form

The return costs will remain the responsibility of the customer.

The refund will be made by the same means of payment used for the order as soon as possible and at the latest within 14 days of the date on which the customer's right of withdrawal was exercised in accordance with article L.121- 20-1 of the Consumer Code.

ARTICLE 8: Termination clause

In the absence of payment for the goods or service charges, www.fashion-new-york.com may automatically and immediately suspend the validity of the customer's identifier.

ARTICLE 9: Intellectual property

All elements of the shop.fashion-new-york.com site, whether visual or sound, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents. None of the documents from the shop.fashion-new-york.com site may be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way. Nevertheless, it is possible to download a copy of the documents on a computer for personal use and only for non-commercial purposes, provided that the user does not modify the information and that he keeps intact the copyrights and other notices of property.

The user who has a website in a personal capacity and who wishes to place, for personal use, on his site a simple link directing to the home page of the site www.fashion-new-york.com, must it is compulsory to request authorization from FASHION NEW YORK. In this case, it will not be an implicit affiliation agreement.

The reproduction of all or part of the “catalog”, by any means whatsoever, constitutes an infringement within the meaning of the literary and artistic property code.

ARTICLE 10: Liability

FASHION NEW YORK could not be held responsible for the inconveniences and damages relating to the use of the Internet network such in particular a rupture in the service, the presence of computer viruses or external intrusions or more generally all cases qualified of force majeure by the courts. .

In the event of an accident to persons, damage to property or loss of earnings occurring for a cause distinct from the sales contract, no compensation can be due to the customer.

ARTICLE 11: Modification of the general conditions

shop.fashion-new-york.com reserves the right to adapt or modify these general conditions of sale at any time, and the version of the GTC applicable to any transaction is the one which appears online at www.fashion-new -york.com at the time of the order or that appearing on the modified paper GTCs and sent to customers.

The general conditions of sale appearing on the website alone can also be obtained by mail on request by mail to:


38 rue d'Hauteville



ARTICLE 12: Settlement of disputes

In the event of difficulty or complaint during a shop.fashion-new-york.com order, the customer must contact one of our customer service advisers to find an amicable solution together. Customer service can be reached by phone, fax, mail or e-mail at the contact details indicated on the website www.fashion-new-york.com.

In the event that this approach does not bring you satisfaction, you can contact any consumer association of your choice. shop.fashion-new-york.com undertakes to provide a response to all requests or complaints within a reasonable period of time from the date of receipt thereof.

Any order automatically entails your acceptance of our General Conditions of Sale. These General Conditions of Sale are governed by French law. Disputes will be brought before the competent courts, it being specified that if the customer acts as a trader, the courts of Morlaix will have sole jurisdiction.

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